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We are looking back to an eventful and successful spring!

In all weather conditions our salesmen were busy with presenting our machines at shows or demonstrations in the past months. Whether by the sea with winter jackets, in England with rubber boots, or in Scandinavia with a sun hat - we are looking back to an eventful spring.

Our red machines were presented and explained at various events worldwide. But a demonstration says more than 1000 words. That's why we were able to show the advantages of Einböck products at many field demonstrations and bring the Einböck idea closer to the visitors. We received a lot of positive feedback during interesting discussions with our customers. Our cultivators, tined weeders and row-crop-cultivators showed their advantages in the field.

A special highlight was the “Ökofeldtage” in Germany. There the visitors were able to see our red machines on the booth, as well as our tined weeder AEROSTAR and row-crop-cultivator CHOPSTAR in the field. But we were not only present at the main booth and at the demonstrations - our logo also shone twice at this year’s innovation area. You would like to know which innovations we presented and couldn’t make it to the “Ökofeldtage”? Visit us at Agritechnica in November - you can expect great news. Further events in the coming months can be found HERE.

Furthermore, on our social media channels we regularly show our followers various events where we take or took place. Besides posting pictures we also publish and share a lot of product videos, etc. Just stop by - no matter if Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube - we are looking forward to every visitor on one of our social media channels.

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3.   4. Juli kofeldtage in Frankenhausen Deutschland
Organic Field Days in Frankenhausen,

3.   4. Juli kofeldtage in Frankenhausen Deutschland1
Organic Field Days in Frankenhausen,

3.   4. Juli kofeldtage in Frankenhausen Deutschland2
Organic Field Days in Frankenhausen,

190330 Vorfhrung in CUMA Frankreich
Machine presentation in CUMA,

190411 190415 Messe Allguer Agrarschau Deutschland
Fair "Allgäuer Agrarschau",

190412 Bioland Hack  und Striegeltag Eutingen Rohrdorf Deutschland
Bioland hoeing and weeding-Day
Eutingen-Rohrdorf, Germany

190412 Feldtag Boden Wasser Schutz Beratung
Field day soil water protection

190416 Naturland Feldtag Erwitte Deutschland
Naturland field day Erwitte,

190418 Bioland Feldtag Schwedeneck Deutschland
Bioland field day Schwedeneck,

190516   190519 Messe Agriplanta Rumnien
Fair Agriplanta,
Feldtag Frankreich
Field day,




Together – we grow the world!

SIMA 2019 Einboeck HeaderWith this headline the 78th version of SIMA in Paris started at the 24th of February. The fair is one of the most significant fairs for agriculture worldwide. It gets more and more important for french speaking professionals, farmers and dealers. For five days almost 232 000 visitors were interested in more than 1.800 companies from 42 different countries.

We also took part and presented our red machines and innovations on more than 300 m². Therefore, The visitors showed a lot of interest in our tined weeder AEROSTAR and mostly in our CHOPSTAR hoes with the automatic camera steering system ROW-GUARD. Our trainers were very busy all day and are happy with really good talks and the great feedback from a lot of interested farmers.

After 5 days we can look back with great satisfaction and are pleased to see you at many other fairs and exhibitions in France and at the next SIMA in 2021.


01 Einboeck SIMA 2019JPG 02 Einboeck SIMA 2019 03 Einboeck SIMA 2019

04 Einboeck SIMA 2019 05 Einboeck SIMA 2019 06 Einboeck SIMA 2019

07 Einboeck SIMA 2019 08 Einboeck SIMA 2019